About Us

Author: Mark  Date Posted:16 August 2017 

QuarterMaster Australia was started in 2001 by Mark Costello who as a volunteer fire fighter was seeking a solution to solve the issue of feeding and hydrating firefighters on the fire ground. Frustrated at lack of options available, QuarterMaster Australia was born to solve this issue based on Mark's knowledge having worked in the food industry and as a firefighter.

 QuarterMaster Australia specialises in providing meal packs (sometimes referred to as MRE's), hydration and electrolyte solutions for outdoor use. Current customers include various Emergency & Essential Services from around Australia and organisations with outdoor workforces.

QuarterMaster Australia provides a unique service using the best products we can source. We also have our own range of quality food products manufactured exclusively for QuarterMaster Australia. Key to our food packs are their simplicity with little or no preparation required and great flavours.  In keeping with the concept of simplicity, we utilise flameless ration heaters to heat meals which minimalises preparation time and removes the need to cooking equipment.

QuarterMaster Australia can custom make packs to suit customer's needs and also offer a consulting service on workforce feeding and hydration.

QuarterMaster Australia is proudly 100% Australian owned family company