Buying Guides & FAQ


Q1. Is your complete range available on website?

A1. No, just items for sale to general public. We have a more extensive range of electrolytes & meals packs including snack packs for bulk orders and corporate/government customers. Other packs include 12 hour, 24 hour meal packs and Crew Packs for small group feeding. Please contact us for more information.

Q2. Can you produce customised meal and snack packs?

A2. Yes, we can customise meal packs for bulk orders and corporate/government customers. Please contact us to discuss.

Meal Packs.


Q3. What is included in the Self Heating Meal Pack?

A3. 250g Shelf Stable Meal, HotPack Heater, spoon and wipe + instruction sheet.

Q4. What is the minimum order for Self Heating Meal Packs?

A4. Minimum order quantity of 6 meals.

Q5. Do your flameless ration heaters (FRH) contain magnesium?

A5. No, our ration heaters do not contain magnesium which is an advantage as they are virtually odourless compared to the strong unpleasant odour standard FRH's that contain magnesium.